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Hey guys, I found that obmenugen-bin is a great program for generating stuff using .desktop. You can also exclude stuff per config, so it removes the need to edit the .desktop files. You can also ass raw entries so you can add a button to rerun the command then click openbox reconfigure to refresh it. I'm sorry, I'm not good with phrasing stuff so I don't think I can write it. ~Jookia

I noted last night that I was unable to find menumaker with pacman. should it really be in this article if its not in one of the 3 repos that are on by default?

It's still available via AUR, so I'll update the wiki to reflect that...I'm hoping the devs have something in the works for the next version of Ob, when the entire config structure moves to xml. ~thayer.w

removed pacman installation of obmenu (no longer in any repository). -verv's still in the community repo for me. I'm not sure I agree with some of these changes. gtk-chtheme is preferred by many OB users over switch2, and openbox-themes is still available in the repos as well, so why remove it from the wiki? ~thayer
they're not listed any more. when was the last time you synched with pac? not even the site package search shows them -verv
obmenu is here (built just May 18) and openbox-themes is here (built in Jan 2008.) Are you sure you haven't disabled the community repo in your pacman.conf? ~thayer
my bad. i installed shaman and it fubared my mirrolist thing. -verv
no reminded me to do some housecleaning on the article anyway =)

are the previous gnome howtos necessary any more? maybe they should be removed. --Gog 19:50, 21 October 2009 (EDT)

Dont want to step on any toes...

... but I want to add a plug for the funderful application bbdock - I maintain a package in AUR for it --Gnud 19:02, 19 June 2008 (EDT)

No problem, I say go for it--it probably belongs somewhere under the Panels, Trays and Pagers section --User:Thayer

Urxvt in the background

URxvt*borderLess:true seemed to be causeing the system to ignore the ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml settings. By commenting this out and unchecking 'Windows retain a border when undecorated' in obconf I achieved the desired properties for urxvt. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, Im just getting into the scene =D ~cbox

Multimedia Keys using XF86Audio

I think the best way to add multimedia keys in openbox is to use the XF86Audio key bindings. I add an example in the "Keyboard Volume Control" section to raise, lower and toggle the Master control by using multimedia keyboard keys.

Linking the menu to a command

This header is, I believe, not fully correct anymore.

The xdotool command is no longer required with the latest Openbox. The keybinding works flawlessly without it. Not editing it to give room for confirmation. --Marfig 07:02, 12 August 2010 (EDT)

The keybinding is only part of what is being said. It also says that you can use a command (xdotool) to generate the keypresses from a script (for example a panel button). Maibe this should be clarified? - MiTis

Python based xdg menu script

I'm currently translating this topic to Lithuanian and discovered, that python based xdg Fedora package head link is dead

And here is the head: ( link is dead ) --Maksim Norkin 10:24, 11 October 2010 (EDT)

found problem: they moved to git:;f=xdg-menu;hb=HEAD MiTis 17:51, 11 October 2010 (EDT)

Visibility link dead

The link for "visibility" under "pagers" points to a dead url (trac page).

i haven't been able to find an active link (aside from a .tgz dating from 2008); is the project dead? should we link the archive? MiTis 07:00, 3 December 2010 (EST)

Application names confusion

I think openbox changed from using WM_CLASS and friends to their own _OB-prefixed properties to match application windows. To find those values, openbox distributes obxprop, which prints the utf-8 strings instead of the HEX given by xprop. Since I'm not really sure about this / since which version is changed, I didn't edit the main article. This may solve the "XProp for Firefox" mystery too.

menumaker and urxvt

If your using urxvt and want menumaker to use it for the terminal option do the following. in /usr/lib/menumaker/Prophet/Legacy/ change line 203 to be

exes = ["rxvt", "xvt", "urxvt"]

Xfce4 tutorial

I didn't find the Xfce4 tutorial helpful; it failed to load openbox and didn't remove the xfce panel. Finally I managed to load openbox-session in the autoload of the xfce4-session, which also loaded the rest of my startup programs (a bit 'hacky')