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I noted last night that I was unable to find menumaker with pacman. should it really be in this article if its not in one of the 3 repos that are on by default?

It's still available via AUR, so I'll update the wiki to reflect that...I'm hoping the devs have something in the works for the next version of Ob, when the entire config structure moves to xml. ~thayer.w

removed pacman installation of obmenu (no longer in any repository). -verv's still in the community repo for me. I'm not sure I agree with some of these changes. gtk-chtheme is preferred by many OB users over switch2, and openbox-themes is still available in the repos as well, so why remove it from the wiki? ~thayer
they're not listed any more. when was the last time you synched with pac? not even the site package search shows them -verv
obmenu is here (built just May 18) and openbox-themes is here (built in Jan 2008.) Are you sure you haven't disabled the community repo in your pacman.conf? ~thayer
my bad. i installed shaman and it fubared my mirrolist thing. -verv
no reminded me to do some housecleaning on the article anyway =)

Dont want to step on any toes...

... but I want to add a plug for the funderful application bbdock - I maintain a package in AUR for it --Gnud 19:02, 19 June 2008 (EDT)