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Available support for protocols / file systems

In efforts to connect PCManFM to a ssh server using SFTP, I found the interweb documentation PCManFM protocol support lacking. Making changes to the PCManFM wiki entry seems like a good starting point. My solution to this problem required installing GVFS to provide the necessary support. However, prior to editing the PCManFM entry, I am hoping the crowd, however small, might be able to answer a quick question. Udisk, the default backend for PCManFM, is quite brief in describing its features on the page. Does Udisk offer any of the protocol support that GVFS does? My quick search indicated not, however someone with more experience with Udisk or PCManFM might be more helpful.

Thanks in advanced.

AUR packages

I have done this edit. My point is that if a user wants to get information about variants can just browse the AUR. In detail:

  • PCManFM2 is available in AUR as VCS package. There is plenty of vcs packages, a very high number of package has one -git or -svn in AUR, IMHO there is no need to say that. Plus, they are generally not recomended for every day use.
  • pcmanfm-mod note is a bit ancient, so 0.9x stability note is. The program uses deprecated HAL and it has been superseded by spacefm
  • PCManFM_with_Search is out of date.
  • Maybe a note about pcmanfm-qt would be interesting.

-- Flu (talk) 06:26, 11 June 2013 (UTC)