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Using without MySQL

Good article, but it doesn't even speak about one important fact: it's possible to have postfix without mysql.

Mysql is quite heavy for what is required by postfix, and I want to manage users separately in an LDAP database. I'll see if it's possible to do it and perhaps update the wiki.

FAM is obsolete

Hi! Could you please update the article, since pam FAM (section 8) is now obsolete? People are supposed instead to use gamin now, which loads automatically.
I sort of followed the instructions blindly, skipping the fam part, and it worked beautifully.
I don't want to break that, so I'll leave the editing to someone more experienced with Postfix.
20120308 - kopatops

Added Template:Accuracy, please next time don't be afraid of adding status templates by yourself ;) -- Kynikos 06:12, 14 March 2012 (EDT)

Postfixadmin Configuration & Dovecot SQL Statement


i used this tutorial to install dovecot, postfix and postfixadmin. It worked but the value down here is not working in the whole context of this tutorial.

If -> $CONF['domain_in_mailbox'] = 'YES'; <- is set to YES then we get in the sql table mailbox the value for maildir : -><-.

But the SQL Query from the Virtual user mail tutorial uses this query: user_query = SELECT '/home/vmail/%d/%n' as home, 'maildir:/home/vmail/%d/%n' as mail, 5000 AS uid, 5000 AS gid, concat('dirsize:storage=', quota) AS quota FROM mailbox WHERE username = '%u' AND active = '1'

'maildir:/home/vmail/%d/%n' - means append the user name without the domain.

this means we will have to directories created by postfix - in /home/vmail/ and /home/vmail/

I tried some things and changed the SQL String from %d/%n to %d/%u but at the end i decided it's the easiest part not to save the domainname in the mailbox name.

regards marco

(hope this is helful)