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== Section Misc.Uses ==
I would remove the "Misc. Uses" section altogether ("Python is excellent for emergency situations"???) [[User:Tokland|Tokland]] 06:12, 25 October 2010 (EDT)
== Section Python Versions ==
See, this is why I'm seriously looking for an alternativie to Arch (which is sad, since I've been using Arch for almost a year now and it really is overall a nice distro) BUT - most python scripts I use still rely on 2.x (and why they HAD to break that I am still unclear on) yet Arch decided to make pythion 3.x the default, making most of my python scripts unusable without massive user inervention. Pity. You've lost my faith. I may have to break down and revert to Debian - or Fedora - or (shudder) Suse. Oh if only FreeBSD had native flash support.

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