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It might be good to discuss some errors which the user may run across. I found one that is found in various situations, and it seems to be indicative of a missing parameter: "sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified" Mine came about as a "mount error" when using Samba and pyneighborhood in Xfce, but it appears to apply to any situation. It seems to indicate that there is a problem with a tty when using a graphical environment and/or not having an askpass program available. It would be nice to know what an "askpass" program is, and how it applies to sudo. I can't even begin to understand the significance of a password needing a tty. Thanks all. - KitchM 17:03, 21 November 2010 (EST)

Disable root login

Does anyone know a solution to network-manager-applet requiring the root password

Isn't sudo Substitute User DO not Super User DO?

I've heard it is bu i can't confirm it. - tommis Thu Jan 12 18:35 EET 2012

Yes it stands for Substitute User DO, not Super User Do. That's because its a combination of su and do. It's in the history of sudo on the site, and I had edited this page to reflect the correct Substitute User Do, but someone replaced it. It makes more sense to newbies just to call it super user do, even though sudo's strength is allowing one to run as any user. -- AskApache (talk) 18:46, 1 October 2012 (UTC)

line wrap in section "Defaults Skeleton" not working. text is cut off

The text of the examples is cut at right margin, can not read the full text. Even not when looking at the source. IMHO not very handy to use a vertical scrollbar at the bottom of this very long window. - - heinzoswald Fr 11. Mai 11:50:47 CEST 2012

It's true, those lines were pasted truncated with this edit, you may contact the author for more information.
About the horizontal scrollbar we agreed not to use automatic wrapping in code blocks. In theory, lines in scripts, config files and the like should be broken manually at a limited number of characters, especially in comments like in this case. -- Kynikos (talk) 13:43, 12 May 2012 (UTC)
This section unnecessarily duplicates Sudoers Manual#SUDOERS OPTIONS upstream. I think it should be replaced with a link to existing documentation. -- pointone (talk) 14:05, 13 May 2012 (UTC)
Well, I think the original author's intention was to make it available for copy-pasting it in sudoers as it is explained. For now I've added your reference and marked it as poorly written. -- Kynikos (talk) 09:33, 14 May 2012 (UTC)

sudo tips

what about adding :

Warning: You need to replace "sudo" with "\sudo" in all functions who are called if they are located after "alias sudo = 'sudo'" in your ~/.bashrc.


this prevent for "source .basrhc" errors

Run X11 apps using sudo

can run X11 apps without adding this the line. Adding the line seems to be outdates! gives the error when you add! follow the