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ToC restructuring

I propose the following (major) changes to the ArchWiki category tree:

Removal of Category:Pages sorted by type (English)
Currently we distinguish between four types of articles: FAQs, General, Guidelines, and HOWTOs. I believe that the majority of FAQ articles should be merged into the main FAQ; the general category is not helpful in any way; almost all articles under guidelines deal with package management (see Category:Package development (English) instead); and every article is a HOWTO in the sense that it explains how to install/configure/etc. something (further, ArchWiki is moving away from the HOWTO style of writing (step 1, step 2, step 3...))
Flattening of the tree
The Category:System administration (English) and Category:Desktop user's guide (English) categories are unnecessary and confusing. Consider Desktop user's guide -> Category:Utilities (English) (utilities not used for system administration?) and System administration -> Software -> Category:Display managers (English) (display managers not used by desktop users?) Similarly, the Category:Hardware (English) and Category:Software (English) categories can easily be eliminated. Categories that relate specifically to hardware can be renamed (e.g. Hardware -> Category:Graphics (English) can become Graphics hardware).
i18n standardization
Non-English categories should follow the naming scheme Title in English (Language). See Help:i18n for details. Template:i18n should be included on all category pages.

Are there any objections? I will prepare an outline of my imagined category tree shortly.

-- pointone 20:20, 10 May 2011 (EDT)