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problem with suspend/resume on tapping setting

I was using "synclient TapButton1=1" in a file which is run when I start GNOME to turn on tapping, but it was only working until the first time I suspended and resumed the system.

Searching for "synaptics archlinux tapping suspend" didn't bring me here very quickly - the article doesn't mention suspend or resume at all. The solution was to turn on tapping in the GNOME touchpad settings, as described in this article. It might be worth mentioning the problem with suspend/resume if we override settings 'on the fly'.

--Dooglus 01:24, 30 October 2011 (EDT)

I added a warning to the section covering on-the-fly configuration --stefanwilkens 19:43, 8 January 2012 (EST)

random left and right clicks

I am just speaking up as one of those users that are having problems with the touchpad cursor inexplicably jumping around. Not only does it jump around, but it creates random left and right clicks when it jumps. This happens while I am actually using the touchpad and not while typing as lots of others have been reporting around various forums. Maddening. At first it seemed to "calm down" over time (ie. time since reboot) but now seems to be pretty much constant. If as you say there is currently no patch for this, it would be great to get a heads-up if and when the developers eventually get a handle on it. Thanks very much...

--lucky_waster 11:33, 20 June 2010