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ALPS touchpads

The article says that kernel 3.3 fixed the detection of ALPS touchpads (among others). I am running kernel 3.6.10 and my ALPS touchpad was not detected until I installed psmouse-alps-driver from the AUR. Therefore I suggest to rewrite the paragraph accordingly to say: "Some touchpads (e.g. ALPS, ...) need additional drivers to work. Install package X for touchpad Y." Any opposing arguments? Markus00000 (talk) 19:12, 15 December 2012 (UTC)

Cursor jump

I have been experiencing an issue where the cursor sometimes starts jumping around the screen when trying to use it (as if its sensitivity is all over the place) I can not recreate it since it's pretty random when it happens so I can not test if the suugested fix at is for that or for another issue. In any case I have found a fix for it by doing 'sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sudo modprobe psmouse' to restart the mouse driver the thing is that I'm not sure whether I should add it to or make a new subheading under ?