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Few of my thoughts

I'm thinking about editing the vdr page,
I'm not sure about the guidelines of the wiki,
I don't want to waste my time adding information that an experienced user will find unnecessary and will delete from the wiki,
so I'm pasting here my thoughts to get approval & remarks.

1. Beginners friendly approach (as I'm one), adding full steps & how to, meaning if two plugins requires the same steps then still add steps for both plugins.
2. On the Contents main tree adding a Frontends tag and moving frontends info & setup setting to that location.
3. On the Contents main tree adding a Plugins tag with sub-tags depends on functionality & backend/frontend relevance.
4. Attempt to include most of the plugins that included in the ArchVDR team repository.

Dhead (talk) 22:59, 27 September 2012 (UTC)