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Volito 2: just installed linuxwacom 0.84 and I have no freeze-bug and automatic "Absolute" setting.

First time I've wanted to contribute to the wiki, but I'm not quite sure of the editting guidelines, so I'll add this on the talk page. I'm using a Bamboo Fun (CTH661) and I needed the linuxwacom-bamboo-cth-ctl drivers from the AUR before the tablet worked. After that, using the tablet was easy and painless. Also, it might be worth adding that if you want to set your tablet in Relative (or Absolute is it started in relative), at least for mine, that I ran 'xinput --list' and found the ID of my tablet, and then ran 'xsetwacom --set ID Mode "Relative"' to set it in relative mode. Dalef 13:02, 26 October 2010 (EDT)