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This page can go away in my opinion.

  • It is incredibly out of date
  • It is not specific to Arch Linux. Or at least the specific parts are general knowledge (using pacman) or covered by better maintained pages such as wine
  • It is a duplication of effort

James Eder 14:27, 8 June 2011 (EDT)

This page helped me quite a bit today when I needed to patch WoW manually. I find it still useful.

techno-geek Tue Jun 21 13:01:09 CDT 2011

crescent Was useful to me.

nnscr Especially the optimization parts are really useful and I was quite positive surprised to find a dedicated page for this topic!

cyberconan Wed Aug 21 23:38 2013 I used many things of this wiki yesterday. Please, don't delete.