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Comments Welcome

I recently went through an XBMC install on Arch, and while not terribly complicated, it did take me a while to research everything. I've concatenated my findings here to share with the community. I found it especially odd that this wiki did not have a page devoted to XBMC (although it does have one for near equivalents like MythTV and boxee-source), especially considering all the great Arch Linux information available on the XBMC Wiki, just not all in one place. That's what my thought was here: let's have it all in one place. Indeed, it's the Arch Way! Simple, minimalist, tested instructions.

That said, this is all based on my limited experience both with XBMC and with installing it on one machine (an intel iMac running single-boot Arch Linux). Please help expand the article by adding any extra tidbits you might know, correcting any hideous oversight or error I'm sure I might have made somwehere, or especially adding anything you can about troubleshooting. There will also probably be minor formatting errors, e.g., if there's a way to get the XBMC wiki links working in the inter-wiki link format, I've not figured it out yet. :)

Palintropos 07:24, 13 March 2012 (EDT)