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m (it took 2 days for me to find out about this typo but now talk and ytalk works, finally.)
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3. Add a tcpwrappers allow entry like this:
3. Add a tcpwrappers allow entry like this:
4. Now start xinetd:
4. Now start xinetd:

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The "talk" command allows you to talk to other users on the same system, which is useful if you're both SSH'd in from somewhere. Using it is very simple; to talk to someone the command is just

talk <username> <tty>

However, getting it working requires some setup.

1. First, install the inetutils package, which contains talk and talkd. These also rely on xinetd, so install that as well. You might also need the screen command; it's in the screen package.

2. Configure the xinetd service entry by setting "disable = no" in /etc/xinetd.d/talk.

3. Add a tcpwrappers allow entry like this:


4. Now start xinetd:

/etc/rc.d/xinetd start

5. If you're on the local system, you might need to start a screen session to make yourself show up on the "w" and "who" commands -- you need to show up there or talk won't work.

Talk should work now.