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Since tetex--the standard distribution of TeX and friends for Unix systems--is no longer maintained, many users have expressed the wish that it be replaced by TeXLive. See this forum discussion for more more details. The good news is that TeXLive packages for Arch Linux (based on TeXLive 2007 with incremental updates to the latest version of all CTAN packages) are currently being tested and should make it soon to community!

List of all texlive-* packages

The texlive packages are arranged into four groups: texlive-most, texlive-most-doc, texlive-lang, and texlive-lang-doc. The dummy package texlive-all will install everything. As you can see, the documentation has been packaged separately, for the benefit of users who want to save space or who prefer to access the documentation online.

Group texlive-most

  • texlive-core (97M)
  • texlive-bibtexextra (1.5M)
  • texlive-fontsextra (98M)
  • texlive-formatsextra (730K)
  • texlive-games (425K)
  • texlive-genericextra (337K)
  • texlive-htmlxml (1.4M)
  • texlive-humanities (819K)
  • texlive-latex3 (556K)
  • texlive-latexextra (9.8M)
  • texlive-music (4.8M)
  • texlive-omega (1.5M)
  • texlive-pictures (1.3M)
  • texlive-plainextra (150K)
  • texlive-pstricks (462K)
  • texlive-publishers (2.4M)
  • texlive-science (743K)

Group texlive-most-doc

  • texlive-core-doc (120M)
  • texlive-doc-i18n (41M)
  • texlive-bibtexextra-doc (2.3M)
  • texlive-fontsextra-doc (13M)
  • texlive-formatsextra-doc (920K)
  • texlive-games-doc (1.4M)
  • texlive-genericextra-doc (1.7M)
  • texlive-htmlxml-doc (273K)
  • texlive-humanities-doc (8.1M)
  • texlive-latex3-doc (1.9M)
  • texlive-latexextra-doc (79M)
  • texlive-music-doc (2.3M)
  • texlive-omega-doc (605K)
  • texlive-pictures-doc (3.6M)
  • texlive-plainextra-doc (947K)
  • texlive-pstricks-doc (35M)
  • texlive-publishers-doc (12M)
  • texlive-science-doc (6.6M)

Group texlive-lang

  • texlive-langafrican (5.4M)
  • texlive-langarab (2.9M)
  • texlive-langarmenian (347K)
  • texlive-langcjk (16M)
  • texlive-langcroatian (51K)
  • texlive-langcyrillic (2.3M)
  • texlive-langgreek (7.3M)
  • texlive-langhebrew (43K)
  • texlive-langindic (5.6M)
  • texlive-langmanju (12K)
  • texlive-langmongolian (1.7M)
  • texlive-langtibetan (377K)
  • texlive-langvietnamese (6.0M)

Group texlive-lang-doc

  • texlive-langafrican-doc (474K)
  • texlive-langarab-doc (3.4M)
  • texlive-langarmenian-doc (168K)
  • texlive-langcjk-doc (36K)
  • texlive-langcroatian-doc (89K)
  • texlive-langcyrillic-doc (1.5M)
  • texlive-langgreek-doc (1.1M)
  • texlive-langhebrew-doc (96K)
  • texlive-langindic-doc (1.7M)
  • texlive-langmanju-doc (15K)
  • texlive-langmongolian-doc (1.1M)
  • texlive-langtibetan-doc (261K)
  • texlive-langvietnamese-doc (960K)

Contents of each package

The texlive-core package contains all binaries and libraries of the TeXLive system. It is based on the “medium” install scheme of the original TeXLive installable CD and DVD. All other packages are based on the eponymous collections in TeXLive. To see which CTAN packages are contained in each Arch package, follow the links below. (The lists are of course the same for the doc packages).