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Poiché tetex -- la distribuzione standard di Tex per i sistemi Unix -- non è più mantenuta, molti utenti hanno espresso la volontà di rimpiazzarlo con TeXLive. Si veda questa discussione per maggiori dettagli. La buona notizia è che i pacchetti TeXLive per Arch Linux (basati su TeXLive 2007 con tutti i pacchetti aggiuntivi di CTAN aggiornati all'ultima versione) si trovano ora in community (Sept. 27, 2007). Installando texlive-core (85MB) si avrà a disposizione un sistema di composizione tipografica molto valido.

Lista di tutti i pacchetti texlive-*

I pacchetti texlive sono divisi in quattro gruppi: texlive-most, texlive-most-doc, texlive-lang, e texlive-lang-doc. Il pacchetto texlive-all istallerà tutto. Come potete vedere, la documentazione è stata divisa in pacchetti, per gli utenti che vogliono risparmiare spazio o preferiscono accedere alla documentazione online.

NOTE: Per molti pacchetti texlive-most (ma non per texlive-bin e per la documentazione), è disponibile la versione *-svn in [community].

Il pacchetto essenziale texlive-core contiene l'albero base texmf-dist, mentre texlive-bin contiene i binari. Questo è basato sullo schema di installazione “medium” del cd originale di TeXLive. Tutti gli altri pacchetti sono basati sulle relative collezioni di TeXLive. I link portano a una lista the pacchetti CTAN in ogni pacchetto Arch.

Gruppo texlive-most

Gruppo texlive-most-doc

  • texlive-core-doc (127M)
  • texlive-doc-i18n (42M)
  • texlive-bibtexextra-doc (2.9M)
  • texlive-fontsextra-doc (15M)
  • texlive-formatsextra-doc (2.1M)
  • texlive-games-doc (1.3M)
  • texlive-genericextra-doc (1.7M)
  • texlive-htmlxml-doc (299K)
  • texlive-humanities-doc (8.7M)
  • texlive-latex3-doc (592K)
  • texlive-latexextra-doc (81M)
  • texlive-music-doc (2.5M)
  • texlive-omega-doc (633K)
  • texlive-pictures-doc (7.5M)
  • texlive-plainextra-doc (1.1M)
  • texlive-pstricks-doc (23M)
  • texlive-publishers-doc (13M)
  • texlive-science-doc (7.6M)

Gruppo texlive-lang

Gruppo texlive-lang-doc

  • texlive-langafrican-doc (488K)
  • texlive-langarab-doc (3.4M)
  • texlive-langarmenian-doc (168K)
  • texlive-langcjk-doc (1.8M)
  • texlive-langcroatian-doc (92K)
  • texlive-langcyrillic-doc (2.1M)
  • texlive-langgreek-doc (1.2M)
  • texlive-langhebrew-doc (96K)
  • texlive-langindic-doc (2.0M)
  • texlive-langmanju-doc (24K)
  • texlive-langmongolian-doc (1.1M)
  • texlive-langtibetan-doc (261K)
  • texlive-langvietnamese-doc (1001K)

"Costruire" la versione SVN dei pacchetti TeXlive

[Note: Questo non è più necessario da quando i pacchetti svn sono in community.]

For power-users who would like to enjoy the very latest from CTAN without installing too much by hand, the following directions will enable you to easily build and install texlive-svn packages:

Note first that texlive-core-svn contains the same binaries than texlive-core (based on the February 2007 release of TeX Live with the inclusion of a bugfix patch). The svn version, as its name suggests, targets the texmf trees in the current development version on tug.org's subversion server (retrieved via rsync for performance).

To build the svn packages, get texlive-svn.zip which contains the complete build tree, i.e., the PKGBUILDs and auxiliary files for all the packages mentioned above. The *.paths files (which contain the paths that rsync needs to retrieve) won't be up-to-date, so you need also the following: tl-scripts.zip.

Be sure you have installed in the system xorg-server, t1lib, gd, rsync, flex and bison packages. Assuming you are in the same directory where you downloaded the .zip files, follow these instructions:

$ unzip texlive-svn.zip -d texlive-svn
$ unzip tl-scripts.zip -d texlive-svn
$ cd texlive-svn
$ ./updatepathfiles #Wait a little..
$ ls

You'll see all the packages names, you should think about what you need. But surely you need texlive-core.

$ cd texlive-core
$ makepkg -c

Be patient! Sources are big, and compilation takes quite a long time. If everything goes well you can install texlive-core with pacman:

$ pacman -U texlive-core-2007*.pkg.tar.gz #press tab to complete

If something goes wrong, join us in the forum and look to see if your problem has already been solved. If not, we will happily help! Post everything you think useful and the build.log made this way:

$ makepkg -c 2>&1 | tr -d -c '\n[:print:]' | tee build.log

or just:

$ makepkg -c 2>&1 | tee build.log

but do not passing through tr won't delete non-printable characters.

Even after failure you can delete the pkg and src folders. Don't delete the texmf* folders yet, otherwise you will have to download everything again the next time you run makepkg. The other files in the PKGBUILD directory should not be deleted, they are part of the sources.

If you need some other package, just repeat the above in the appropriate directory. The other packages do not need compiling so they should just work.

If you want to compile all packages without thinking too much about it you may use, from the directory where you unpacked the .zip file:

$ for d in texlive-*; do cd "$d" && makepkg -dc ; touch ../"$d"-"$?" && cd .. ; done 

This will make every package of every directory that fall in the texlive-* expression and make a file with the directory name and return code, zero means success, non-zero failure. So if texlive-core has been compiled correctly you'll have a file called texlive-core-0 in the directory.

Alternative: TeX Live with loop-mounted DVD ISO

See TeXLive_from_iso