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1. To allow telnet connections in xinetd, edit {{filename|/etc/xinetd.d/telnet}} and change '<tt>disable = yes</tt>' to '<tt>disable = no</tt>'
1. To allow telnet connections in xinetd, edit {{filename|/etc/xinetd.d/telnet}} and change '{{Codeline|1=disable = yes}}' to '{{Codeline|1=disable = no}}'
2. Add <tt>xinetd</tt> to the <tt>DAEMONS</tt> array of your [[rc.conf]]:
2. Add {{Codeline|xinetd}} to the {{Codeline|DAEMONS}} array of your [[rc.conf]]:
  DAEMONS=(... '''xinetd''')
  DAEMONS=(... '''xinetd''')

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Telnet is the traditional protocol for making remote console connections over TCP. Telnet is not secure and is mainly used to connect to legacy equipment nowadays. For a secure alternative see SSH.

Follow these instructions to configure an Arch Linux machine as a telnet server.


To use telnet only to connect to other machines, install inetutils (if not already installed):

# pacman -S inetutils

To configure a telnet server, install xinetd as well:

# pacman -S xinetd


1. To allow telnet connections in xinetd, edit Template:Filename and change 'Template:Codeline' to 'Template:Codeline'

2. Add Template:Codeline to the Template:Codeline array of your rc.conf:

DAEMONS=(... xinetd)

3. Reboot or restart xinetd:

# /etc/rc.d/xinetd restart

Testing the setup

Try opening a telnet connection to your server:

$ telnet localhost

Note that you can not login as root.