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This page is a template. It contains no Arch Linux-related information, but should be used as part of other articles. For more information, read Help:Template.

Please do not experiment with this template; you could ruin all pages using this template. If you want to edit this template, copy the text to Template:Sandbox, edit and test it there, and copy it back when it works.

Feel free to voice your opinion regarding this template.

An "accuracy dispute" flag used to indicate inaccurate content.


This template should be added at the beginning of articles suspected of incorrect, misleading, incomplete, or confusing content. Ensure to cite specific concerns on the flagged article's discussion page.


Flagged pages will be added to Category:Request:Correction for attention. If knowledgeable in a subject, users are encouraged to participate to resolve the issue. The Template:Codeline flag should be removed after verification/correction/removal of disputed facts.


Template:Message box