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<!-- ## Keep this comment hidden to prevent this feature from being abused ##
This syntax allows the user to select the whole code with a triple click. For long lines of code, however, the template will tend to behave like [[Template:bc]]. To prevent this from happening, append a {{ic|<nowiki>|</nowiki>}} to the code (this will suppress the triple click functionality):
{{Tip|When representing keyboard keys, you can use [[Wikipedia:List of XML and HTML character entity references|HTML entities]] {{ic|&amp;uarr;}}, {{ic|&amp;rarr;}}, {{ic|&amp;darr;}} and {{ic|&amp;larr;}} to depict arrow keys: {{ic|&uarr;}}, {{ic|&rarr;}}, {{ic|&darr;}}, {{ic|&larr;}}}}
{{Note|Please use the second argument only when strictly necessary, consider manually splitting the code in more parts instead.}}-->
{{ic|code}}</noinclude><includeonly><code{{{2| style="display:inline-block; padding: 0.1em 0.3em;"}}}>{{{code|{{{1|{{Error}}}}}}}}</code></includeonly><noinclude><!-- Note that using display:inline-block; is intentional, it allows easily selecting the whole code with a triple click in modern browsers. --></noinclude>
{{ic|code}}</noinclude><includeonly><code>{{{code|{{{1|{{META Error}}}}}}}}</code></includeonly>

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Tip: When representing keyboard keys, you can use HTML entities &uarr;, &rarr;, &darr; and &larr; to depict arrow keys: , , ,