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<includeonly><div style="padding: 5px; margin: 0.50em 0; background-color: {{{4}}}; border: thin solid {{{3|#000}}}; overflow: hidden;"><strong> {{{1}}} </strong>{{{2}}}</div></includeonly>
'''A generic message box.'''
See also:
* [[:Template:Box RED]]
* [[:Template:Box BLUE]]
* [[:Template:Box GREEN]]
* [[:Template:Box YELLOW]]
{{Codeline|1=<nowiki>{{Box|Example|Content followed by border-color|#DF0000}}</nowiki>}}
{{Codeline|1=<nowiki>{{Box|Example|Content followed by border-color and background-color|#DF0000|#FFDFD0}}</nowiki>}}
{{Box|Example|Content followed by border-color|#DF0000}}
{{Box|Example|Content followed by border-color and background-color|#DF0000|#FFDFD0}}</noinclude><includeonly><div style="padding: 0.25em; margin: 0.50em 0; background-color: {{{4}}}; border: medium solid {{{3|#000000}}}"><strong>{{{1}}}: </strong>{{{2}}}</div></includeonly>

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