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{{Article summary start|Sommario}}
</noinclude><includeonly><!-- line break here is intentional -->
{{Article summary text|Testo di esempio.}}
<div class="toc" style="text-align: center;">'''[[Creating Packages|Package creation guidelines]]'''
{{Package Guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary end}}</noinclude><includeonly>{{Article summary heading|Linee guida pacchettizzazione}}
[[Eclipse Plugin Package Guidelines (Italiano)|Eclipse]] &ndash; [[Gnome Package Guidelines (Italiano)|GNOME]] &ndash; [[Haskell Package Guidelines (Italiano)|Haskell]] &ndash; [[Java Package Guidelines (Italiano)|Java]] &ndash; [[Kernel Module Package Guidelines (Italiano)|Kernel]] &ndash; [[Lisp Package Guidelines (Italiano)|Lisp]] &ndash; [[MinGW PKGBUILD Guidelines (Italiano)|MinGW]] &ndash; [[OCaml Package Guidelines (Italiano)|OCaml]] &ndash; [[Perl Package Guidelines (Italiano)|Perl]] &ndash; [[Python Package Guidelines (Italiano)|Python]] &ndash; [[Ruby Gem Package Guidelines (Italiano)|Ruby]] &ndash; [[VCS PKGBUILD Guidelines (Italiano)|VCS]] &ndash; [[Wine PKGBUILD Guidelines (Italiano)|Wine]] &ndash; [[Nonfree Applications Package Guidelines (Italiano)|Other]]
{{Article summary wiki|VCS PKGBUILD Guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|Eclipse plugin package guidelines (Italiano)}}
<!-- line break here is intentional --></includeonly>
{{Article summary wiki|Gnome package guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|Haskell package guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|Java Package Guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|Kernel Module Package Guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|Lisp Package Guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|OCaml Package Guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|Perl Package Guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|Python Package Guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|Ruby Gem Package Guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|Wine PKGBUILD guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary wiki|MinGW PKGBUILD guidelines}}</includeonly>

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Elenco degli articoli contenenti le linee guida per la pacchettizzazione.


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{{Article summary start}}
{{Package Guidelines (Italiano)}}
{{Article summary end}}