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Terminator is a terminal emulator supporting tabs and multiple resizable terminal panels in one window native based on GNOME Terminal.


terminator is available in the official repositories.

# pacman -S terminator


See the man page or right click terminator -> Settings.

man terminator_config

The config file can be found here:


Key commands

F11 Toggle fullscreen

Ctrl + Shift+ O Split terminals horizontally

Ctrl + Shift+ E Split terminals vertically

Ctrl + Shift+ W Close current Panel

Ctrl + Shift+ T Open new tab

Alt + ↑ Move to the terminal above the current one

Alt + ↓ Move to the terminal below the current one

Alt + ← Move to the terminal left of the current one

Alt + → Move to the terminal right of the current one

Drag and Drop

The layout can be modified by moving terminals with Drag and Drop.

More key commands

man terminator


Terminator also supports plugins. Please read Writing Terminator plugins for more details.

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