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Tetrinet is a multiplayer version of the famous game Tetris, a game can be played with 1 to 6 players in teams or not.
Linux version of Tetrinet is GTetrinet, it is in AUR
Download the tarball of the AUR package [http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=597 here], then run makepkg.
If you have yaourt :
# yaourt -S gtetrinet
You can start gtetrinet by clicking Applications => Games => GTetrinet or typing gtetrinet in a terminal.
== Objective ==
You have to be the last player or the last team still playing. A game is end when there is only one player or one team.
== Connecting ==
Click on "Connect"
I suggest you to play on tetridome.com, there are always some good players and many people at night.
Choose Original and then write your nick.
== Playing ==
When you have been connected to the server, you will be in the chat tab. You will see players in this room at the right of the window. If a game is started, you can spectate it in "Playing Fields" tab.
Every player has a number, yours is at the left of your nick.
== Control ==
* Left/right arrows let you move pieces.
* Up arrow lets you turn pieces.
* Low arrow lets you drop pieces faster.
* Space lets you drop directly pieces.
* Numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) correspond to players numbers and let you send bonuses/maluses to you or others.
* S lets you remove the special at the left of your special bar.
== Specials ==
They are letters A, C, R, S, B, N, G, Q and O.
* You can a special by cleaning a line of blocks.
* You get them when you clean a line with a special.
* Specials are stored in a bar under your field.
* You can only send the special at the left of you special bar by typing the number of the target.
=== Effects ===
* A : '''A'''dd a line from the bottom
* C : '''C'''lean a line from the bottom
* R : Clear '''R'''andom blocks in a field
* S : '''S'''witch your field with another player
* B : Clear specials '''B'''locks by replacing them to normal blocks
* N : '''N'''uke a field of a player
* G : '''G'''ravity a player's field
* Q : '''Q'''uake a players field
* O : B'''O'''mb a player, when you get is and another player gets it in his field, just bomb him, his blocks will fly.
== Strategy ==
Here are some strategy for playing Tetrinet :
* Play fast
* Don't Panic
* At the start of the game, build fast to get specials
* Look at your opponents fields

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