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Text-to-speech (TTS)ソフトウェアはテキストを音声ファイルに変換し再生するプログラムです。それらプログラムは視覚障害者がコンピューターを使うために利用されたり、他にコンピューターエクスペリエンスを求めて使われます。



eSpeak caracteristics:

  • open source
  • available in the community repository
  • supports more than 35 languages as of today (24/03/2009)


Festival is "a general framework for building speech synthesis systems as well as including examples of various modules. As a whole it offers full text to speech."

Festival caracteristics:

  • free software
  • available in the extra repository.

See the detailed article: Festival


mbrola is a non-free phonemes-to-audio program. mbrola supports more than 70 languages as of today (24/03/2009).

See the detailed article: mbrola


speech-dispatcher is a "common interface to speech synthesis". It has backends for espeak, festival, and a few other speech synthesizers.

  • available in extra respository


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