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This HOWTO describes how to set up a tftpd server under Arch Linux.


The first thing is to install all necessary stuff:

# pacman -S tftp-hpa


The configuration for tftpd is in /etc/conf.d/tftpd

The default configuration is

# Parameters to be passed to TFTPD
TFTPD_ARGS="-l -s /var/tftpboot" 

The directory /var/tftpdboot is created automatically when tftp-hpa is installed.


Tftpd daemon can be started in one of the three ways.

1. From /etc/rc.conf

Add "tftpd" to the DAEMON line in /etc/rc.conf

2. From /etc/rc.d

/etc/rc.d/tftpd start

3. From commandline

/usr/sbin/tftpd -l -s path/to/folder/to/export.