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The Trivial Fire Transfer Protocol (TFTP) provides a minimalistic means for transferring files. It is generally used as a part of PXE booting or for updating configuration and firmware on devices which have limited memory such as routers and printers.

This article describes how to set up a tftpd server under Arch Linux using the Template:Package Official package.


The first thing is to install the necessary package:

# pacman -S tftp-hpa


The configuration for tftpd is in Template:Filename

The default configuration is:

# Parameters to be passed to TFTPD
TFTPD_ARGS="-l -s /var/tftpboot" 

The directory Template:Filename is created automatically when tftp-hpa is installed.

For a complete list of parameters:

$ man in.tftpd


To start the daemon at boot, add Template:Codeline to the Template:Codeline array in Template:Filename.

To start the daemon manually:

# /etc/rc.d/tftpd start

or, to start without a configuration file:

# /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -l -s path/to/folder/to/export