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Mute button does not work properly on most ThinkPads and IdeaPads with a newer kernel. Two different scenarios occur:

Nothing works

The Button does not react at all: no led flash (some ThinkPads have an LED, indicating the Mute-State) and no effect on Speakers Volume. It only mutes, if you first press the mute button and afterwards the Vol-Down-Key.

External Audio still on

Pressing the button causes the speakers to mute (LED also works), but external audio is still on.


Older IBM ThinkPads

First try this: ""

Nothing works:

Edit your /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf and add the following line:
options thinkpad_acpi enabled=0 # enables Mute-Button on ThinkPads with IdeaPad-Firmware 
reboot, and go on:

External Audio still on:

Install tpb from AUR (with yaourt, just do: "yaourt -Sy tpb") and create an file "/root/.tpbrc":
CALLBACK "/root/tp-key-handler"
OSD off
Now create the file "/root/tp-key-handler":
echo $1 $2
if [ $1 = mute ]; then
	if [ $2 = on ]; then
	sudo -u USERNAME amixer sset Master $mset; # I had to sudo to me, because I use PulseAudio
you'll have too add execute-rights to /root/tp-key-handler:
chmod +x /root/tp-key-handler 
To test it, run "tpb" as root, if everything works, add the following line to "/etc/rc.locale" (if you have to crate it type "#!/bin/bash" as the first line):

it should look like this now:


That's it - if you have a better Idea, please don't hesitate to edit this page!