Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13

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This article was written to assist you with getting archlinux run on the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13.

Some basic *nix-skills and a second *nix-box are required.


First and important to do is an BIOS-Update (As of 2010/08/20 to Version 1.19.)

This was done, by using grub4dos, one can get http://grub4dos.sourceforge.net/wiki/ here. Because a simple dd didn't create a bootable USB-Stick for me.


Download grub4dos: [url]http://download.gna.org/grub4dos/[/url].

Unpack it on another *nix-box and run:

[code]sudo ./bootlace.com /dev/sdX [/code]

with /dev/sdX being your USB-Stick (as the Thinkpad Edge 13 has no CDROM-Drive) in the directory, where you unpacked your files.

Afterwards copy grldr and menu.lst to the device:

[code] cp grldr /media/USBSTICK cp menu.lst /media/USBSTICK [/code]

Following that copy the [url=http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/6yuj06uc.iso]BIOS-ISO[/url] you [url=http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-74279]downloaded from lenovo[/url] to the / directory of the USB-Stick!

Finally you have to add the following code to the menu.lst on your pendrive to make the USB-Stick boot the PC DOS program made by lenovo:

[code] title Thinkpad-Edge-BIOS-UPDATE find --set-root /6yuj06uc.iso map /6yuj06uc.iso (0xff) || map --mem /6yuj06uc.iso (0xff) map --hook chainloader (0xff) boot [/code]

Inserting such a prepared USB-Stick into your Thinkpad Edge, and things should be self-explanatory after that.