Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13

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Note: This article will be updated from time to time and is currently (as of 2010/08/21) processed
Summary help replacing me
How to setup archlinux on Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13
Required hardware
Thinkpad Edge 13 (Lenovo)

This article was written to assist you with getting archlinux run on the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13. It is meant to be help you with some tricky points aside to the Beginners' Guide: A guide through the whole process of installing and configuring Arch Linux; written for new or inexperienced users.


Some basic *nix-skills and a second *nix-box are required.


First and important to do is an BIOS-Update (As of 2010/08/20 to Version 1.19.)

This was done, by using grub4dos, one can get http://grub4dos.sourceforge.net/wiki/ here. Because a simple dd didn't create a bootable USB-Stick for me.


Download grub4dos: [url]http://download.gna.org/grub4dos/[/url].

Unpack it on another *nix-box and run:

sudo ./bootlace.com /dev/sdX 

with /dev/sdX being your USB-Stick (as the Thinkpad Edge 13 has no CDROM-Drive) in the directory, where you unpacked your files.

Afterwards copy grldr and menu.lst to the device:

cp grldr /media/USBSTICK
cp menu.lst /media/USBSTICK

Following that copy the [url=http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/6yuj06uc.iso]BIOS-ISO[/url] you [url=http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-74279]downloaded from lenovo[/url] to the / directory of the USB-Stick!

Finally you have to add the following code to the menu.lst on your pendrive to make the USB-Stick boot the PC DOS program made by lenovo:

title Thinkpad-Edge-BIOS-UPDATE
find --set-root /6yuj06uc.iso
map /6yuj06uc.iso (0xff) || map --mem /6yuj06uc.iso (0xff)
map --hook
chainloader (0xff)

Inserting such a prepared USB-Stick into your Thinkpad Edge, and things should be self-explanatory after that.