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Thunar is a new file manager that is designed to be fast, lightweight, and easy-to-use. It is a part of Xfce4, but can be used with various standalone window managers. This makes it very attractive for Openbox and Awesome users.


To install, simply run:

$ pacman -S thunar

If you are running Xfce4, you will probably already have Thunar.

Plugins and Addons

Many of these plugins are part of the xfce4-goodies group, so if you have downloaded it, you will probably have all of these anyway.

Thunar Volume Manager

Thunar can support automatic mounting and unmounting of removable media. To learn more, read the page on Thunar Volume Manager.

Thunar Archive Plugin

The Thunar Archive Plugin is a frontend to file archive software such as File Roller, Ark, or Xarchiver to allow a simple, consistent interface to opening and decompressing archives.


It can be installed by running:

$ pacman -S thunar-archive-plugin

Thunar Media Tags Plugin

The media tags plugin will display detailed information about media files. It supports ID3 (the MP3 file format's system) and Ogg/Vorbis tags. It also has a bulk renamer and allows editing of media tags.


It can be installed by running:

$ pacman -S thunar-media-tags-plugin

Thunar Thumbnailers

The aim of the Thunar Thumbnailers project is to provide thumbnail generation for media formats that are neglected by other thumbnailers. If you want thumbnails and deal with media formats that are not compatible with other thumbnailers, use this. For a full list of supported formats, see the project page.


It can be installed by running:

$ pacman -S thunar-thumbnailers

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