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Thunar, a lightweight file manager intended for XFCE desktop environment, can automatically detect, mount and open media, such as USB devices or CDs.


  • Small and fast
  • Easily add shortcuts to your most-used folders
  • Free space indicator
  • Thumbnail previews for many filetypes
  • Live filesystem updates (if libnotify is installed)
  • Custom actions (add your own routines accessible via right-click)
  • Mass renaming engine
  • Custom file selection
  • Built in volume management

Requirements and Installation

  • Thunar (XFCE is optional)
  • Dbus
  • Hal

Volume Management

Thunar natively supports reading available block devices on the system using HAL. That means that you can plug in a USB drive, and a greyed out icon of it will appear on the shortcuts pane.

Double-click to mount and open, or right-click to mount.

Extended functionality is available by using the "thunar-volman" plugin, which can be installed through pacman:

# pacman -S thunar-volman

Namely, it allows you to configure drives to always automount and open for viewing, and allows autorun. It can also be configured to execute certain actions when cameras and audio players are connected. After installing the plugin:

  1. Launch Thunar and go to Preferences
  2. Under the 'Advanced' tab, check 'Enable Volume Management'
  3. Click configure and make desired changes (see below for an example)

Here's an example setting for making Amarok play an audio CD.

Multimedia - Audio CDs: amarok --cdplay %d

Note: Having Hal and Dbus running is essential, otherwise the volume manager will not detect anything. This may seem obvious, but several people have been confused as to why it is't working, when the issue is related to dbus or hal not running. Please see the wiki entry on HAL and Daemons for more information.

Tips & Tricks

Eliminate conflicts

If you have hal and autofs running at the same time, you will have a lock in hal-mtab. To avoid this, use only one of them.