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#REDIRECT [[Thunderbird#Opening links in Thunderbird with Firefox]]
== Opening links in Thunderbird with Firefox ==
Launch Thunderbird and navigate to the ''Config Editor'' by clicking the following menu items:
''Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> General -> Config Editor''.
Right click in the list of parameters, select ''New'' and ''String'' in the menu.
A box appears, asking you for the preference name. Put :
Click OK, the box then asks you for the value : set it to :
Do it again for the preference named {{ic|network.protocol-handler.app.https}} .
{{Note|Xfce4 users may want to set this preference value to "exo-open", which then will use the browser set up in "Preferred Applications".}}
You can now click on URL directly to launch them into Firefox !
===Setting Firefox to open links in new tabs/new windows===
You can change whether links are opened in new tabs or in new windows by opening up /usr/bin/mozilla-firefox in a text editor.
There are two lines near the top that say:
This setup will open URL's in a new window.  Simply comment the first line and uncomment the second line to open URL's in a new tab!
Another way to do that is to select the right radiobutton in ''Edit/Preferences/Tabs'' in your Firefox browser menu.

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