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[[Category:Tutorials (English)]]
[[Category:Tutorials (English)]]

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From the project's homepage:

ttm is a simple panel/taskbar intentionally made for openbox3, but should also work with other window managers. It's still in early development so please report bugs :)


  • background button-border effect (see screenshot)
  • font shadow
  • option to center tasks
  • option to change panel width/height
  • tasks do now squeeze (more or less) when they hit panel edge
  • middle-click closes window
  • left-click toggles shade


In order to grab the latest (svn) snapshot of tint's source code, you'll need to install the subversion (versioning system):

# pacman -S subversion


Open your favourite terminal and as root, enter:

# svn checkout http://ttm.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ ttm
# cd ./ttm/src
# make
# make install

Now copy the sample config as a regular user:

$ cd ..
$ mkdir -p ~/.config/tint/
$ cp config_sample ~/.config/tint/tintrc

You should now be able to launch tint as you would any other application (e.g. Alt+F2 -> tint). To run it at startup, you can add it to the ~/.xinitrc file, for example:

xscreensaver -no-splash &
eval `cat $HOME/.fehbg` &
conky &
visibility &
tint &
exec openbox