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Installing necessary packages

pacman -S tsocks privoxy tor

Basic configuration

Edit /etc/privoxy/config

forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .  # Don't forget the '.' at the end!

Privoxy's default configuration logs all GET, POST, and CONNECT HTTP requests. to disable, comment out.

#debug   1    # show each GET/POST/CONNECT request

Binding Privoxy to the local network, eg.


Starting service on boot

Edit /etc/rc.conf

DAEMONS=(.. privoxy tor ..)

Starting service

/etc/rc.d/privoxy start
/etc/rc.d/tor start

Internet relay chat via irssi

torify irssi

Map address to hidden service

Edit /etc/tor/torrc

mapaddress  mejokbp2brhw4omd.onion # freenode

Connect to freenode's hidden service

torify irssi -c

Running a Tor Server

Basic configuration

You should at least share 20kb/s.

Nickname <tornickname>
ORPort 9001
BandwidthRate 20 KB            # Throttle traffic to 20KB/s
BandwidthBurst 50 KB           # But allow bursts up to 50KB/s

Allow irc ports 6660-6667 to exit from node

ExitPolicy accept *:6660-6667,reject *:* # allow irc ports but no more

Running Tor as an exit node

ExitPolicy accept *:119        # accept nntp as well as default exit policy

Running Tor as middleman

 ExitPolicy reject *:*