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zh-CN:Tor Tor es una implementación 'open source' de 2da generación onion routing que provee libre acceso a una red proxy anónimos. Su principal objetivo es permitir el anónimato en Internet.


Template:Wikipedia Los usuarios de la Red Tor ejecutan un proxy onien en sus computadoras. Este software se conecta a Tor, periodicamente negocia un circuito virtual a través de la red Tor. Tor emplea employs criptografía en forma de capas (de ahí la analogía con la cebolla), lo que garantiza confidencialidad directa entre los routers. Al mismo tiempo, el software proxy onion presenta una interfaz SOCKS a sus clientes.

Warning: Tor by itself is not all you need to maintain your anonymity. There are several major pitfalls to watch out for (see: Want Tor to really work?).

Through this process the onion proxy manages networking traffic for end-user anonymity. It keeps a user anonymous by encrypting traffic, sending it through other nodes of the Tor network, and decrypting it at the last node to receive your traffic before forwarding it to the server you specified. Although Tor is considerably safer than the commonly used direct DNS connections (i.e. without a proxy), it can be considerably slower due to the large amount of traffic re-routing. Additionally, although Tor provides protection against traffic analysis it cannot prevent traffic confirmation at the boundaries of the Tor network (i.e. the traffic entering and exiting the network).