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(Corrected F3 from Sleep to Hibernate)
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Some function keys work:
Some function keys work:
*F3- Sleep (save in memory)
*F3- Hibernate (save state to disk and powers off)
*F6- Brightness down
*F6- Brightness down
*F7- Brightness up
*F7- Brightness up

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HDMI output: if it plugged in at boot time, the default monitor will be the *external* monitor (for the console). Use nvidia-settings to enable/disable external monitor.

Have tested Blu-Ray playback, with VDPAU(?)-enabled media player, works fine.



Works out of the box.


Requires additional drivers: rtl8192se (or dkms-rtl8192se)


To get the internal mic working, somewhere under /modprobe.d:

options snd-hda-intel model=dell-vostro


Works, does not require additional drivers/software.

Function keys

Some function keys work:

  • F3- Hibernate (save state to disk and powers off)
  • F6- Brightness down
  • F7- Brightness up
  • F9- Toggle touchpad on/off


Works out of the box, tested in KDE and with Skype.


Works out of the box.

Note: When booting from USB, the drives change during boot. When prompted that the boot drive can not be found, remove and re-insert the USB stick.