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(Wireless: outdated, included in linux-firmware)
(Graphics: link to main pages for details)
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NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300.
NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300. See [[NVIDIA]] or [[nouveau]] for details.
Use the nvidia module if you want Direct Rendering or xf86-video-nv if you do not care/want to install proprietary drivers.
$ pacman -S nvidia
$ pacman -S xf86-video-nv

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ACPI and Power Saving

Unlike older Toshiba laptops, this one has a PhoenixBIOS and will NOT work with the toshiba_acpi module nor utilities which make use of toshiba_acpi. The Omnibook project doesn't support this laptop just yet, as no documentation has been released by Toshiba. Anyway, there's a PKGBUILD for omnibook-svn in AUR. As a result, the FN hotkeys are unusable at the moment. But you can use the ACPI video module to control the brightness of the LCD screen:

$ modprobe video
$ cat /proc/acpi/video/GFX0/LCD/brightness #get the available brightness levels
$ echo 10 > /proc/acpi/video/GFX0/LCD/brightness # set the LCD brightness

The EasyGuard hard disk protection also has no Linux driver at the moment.

You can use one of powersave, powernowd, cpudyn, cpufreqd or similar utilities to control CPU frequency scaling with the speedstep_centrino module.


Intel Corp. Ethernet Controller. Use the e100 module.


Intel Corporation|PRO/Wireless 3945ABG. See Wireless network configuration#iwlegacy for details.


The latest alsa patch included in the ARCH kernel adds the definitions for Toshiba integrated sound cards. But I get really low volume with this one so I prefer to force the model to 3stack instead:

Add this line to /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf:

options snd-hda-intel model=3stack


NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300. See NVIDIA or nouveau for details.


The Video BIOS doesn't have the 1280x800 resolution although X11 can use it without problems. So, no 1280x800 framebuffer for you. Sorry !


Working with the slmodem driver and ALSA.


See Touchpad Synaptics.

SD card reader

Texas Instruments Card Reader. Use the tifm_sd module. Untested.


Untested but should work.

DVD burner

Works fine out-of-the-box.