Toshiba Tecra 8200

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INSTALL in a toshiba tecra 8200

Install goes pretty smooth and error-free. All my recommendations are provided to make your install process easier. If you do not need them, or find ways to make a certain process easier or better, please edit this document.


Use the ALSA module: snd-ymfpci


Use xorg.

In Xorg.conf, these parameters work.

Section "InputDevice"
	Identifier  "Mouse0"
	Driver      "mouse"
	Option	    "Protocol" "PS/2"
	Option	    "Emulate3Buttons"
	Option	    "Device" "/dev/psaux"
	Option      "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
Section "Monitor"
	Identifier   "lcdhard"
	HorizSync    31.5 - 48.5
	VertRefresh  55.0 - 90.0
Section "Device"
	Identifier  "tridentXP"
	Driver      "trident"
	ChipSet     "bladeXP"
	Card        "trident bladeXP"

don't forget to install the window manager of your choice. it could be xfce or gnome or kde. and to pacman the trident driver


  • Wired

in /etc/modprobe.conf

alias eth0 eepro100

and in rc.conf, configure your network as you want. in my case eth0 is like

eth0=" netmask broadcast"
gateway="default gw"
  • Wireless

if i follow other persons, it would be run with orinoco_cs. you must install pcmcia_cs and wirelesstools


The modem now appears to be working. I have not actually used it to connect as I don't have a dial up account, but I have every reason to believe that it will function correctly as it is detected and I can dial out. The drivers for the modem are available here: slmodem drivers download the latest slmodem-x.x.x.tar.gz, I am using slmodem-2.9.6 with a 2.6.4 kernel. Make sure you read the README file.

some tweaking

Install the HWD package. This is a nice hardware detection script. This is in the extra repo.

pacman -S hwd

comment or remove in rc.sysinit the last line, it's a screensaver but usually, you have another one

/usr/bin/setterm -blank 15
  • permit to the user to halt or reboot the system
  • using nano to change the config file, it's very simple to use but to prevent the problem of wraping add in /etc/nanorc
set nowrap
  • time

to synchronise your time use ntpclient. install the npt package, then when you want update time


some references