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Base package: {{AUR|touchegg}} in the [[AUR]]. Alternatively, it is also available {{aur|touchegg-svn}}.
Install {{AUR|touchegg}} package. Alternatively, it is also available {{aur|touchegg-svn}}.
You may want to install also a GUI configuration editor, Touchegg-GCE [https://github.com/Raffarti/Touchegg-gce]: {{AUR|touchegg-gce-git}} in the [[AUR]].
You can also install {{AUR|touchegg-gce-git}} - [https://github.com/Raffarti/Touchegg-gce Touchegg-GCE] (GUI configuration editor).

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Touchegg is a multitouch gesture program, that runs as a user in the background, and adds multitouch support to window managers.


Install toucheggAUR package. Alternatively, it is also available touchegg-svnAUR.

You can also install touchegg-gce-gitAUR - Touchegg-GCE (GUI configuration editor).


The configuration file is found in $HOME/.config/touchegg/touchegg.conf.

It is a basic XML file that defines various gestures. Please note that at this time TAP_AND_HOLD, PINCH, and ROTATE, do not appear to work.

The list of triggers can be found here

The list of actions can be found here

Gnome Shell

Very basic so far. This should give you basic functionality. Hopefully we can update this for complete application support.

edit $HOME/.config/touchegg/touchegg.conf add this:

<gesture type="DRAG" fingers="1" direction="ALL">
            <action type="DRAG_AND_DROP">BUTTON=1</action>

and then edit this entry:

<gesture type="DRAG" fingers="2" direction="ALL">
            <action type="SCROLL">SPEED=7:INVERTED=true</action>
Start on login
  1. Hit alt-f2;
  2. type gnome-session-properties;
  3. hit add;
  4. in the box labeled "Command" type touchegg. Fill in "Name" and "Label" as you choose;
  5. hit OK.
Note: gnome-session-properties has been removed from gnome 3.12. Currently, you can install gnome-session-propertiesAUR from the AUR. See more details [here]

Alternatively, you can modify your .xprofile:

touchegg &