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===Run as a daemon===
===Run as a daemon===
To run transmission as a [[daemon]], you need have {{pkg|transmission-cli}} installed. The systemd daemon is called ''transmission''.
First install {{pkg|transmission-cli}}. Then start the ''transmission'' [[daemon]].
Navigate to in web browser and you can see the web client.
Navigate to in web browser and you can see the web client.

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Transmission is a light-weight and cross-platform BitTorrent client. It is the default BitTorrent client in many Linux distributions.


There are several options in Official Repositories:

includes CLI tools, daemon and web client.


For transmission-gtk and transmission-qt, the default path of configuration files is ~/.config/transmission.

For transmission-cli, default configuration path is ~/.config/transmission-daemon.

Run as a daemon

First install transmission-cli. Then start the transmission daemon.

Navigate to in web browser and you can see the web client.

You can also edit the main configuration file ~/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json to fit your preference. By default, the daemon will run as the user transmission, whose home directory is /var/lib/transmission/. This means the default location for the configuration file is /var/lib/transmission/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json. You need to stop the daemon before editing configuration files, or your edits will not be saved.

Note: If you cannot find the ~/.config/transmission-daemon folder, run transmission-daemon once to create it.

If you change your download location, make sure the transmission user has rw privileges to your download directory.

Changing daemon user

If you use systemd, you have to override the user in both the service file (/usr/lib/systemd/system/transmission.service) and the tmpfile (/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/transmission.conf). To do so, copy both files to the appropriate directory in /etc:

# cp /usr/lib/systemd/system/transmission.service /etc/systemd/system/
# cp /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/transmission.conf /etc/tmpfiles.d/

Create a new group named for example, transmission:

# groupadd transmission

Add your custom user to the newly created [group] ie. transmission:

# gpasswd -a [user] [group]

Then change User= to your custom user in the service file and edit the tmpfile to the following:

d /run/transmission - [user] [group] -

Then run systemd-tmpfiles --create transmission.conf and restart the transmission service.

You may need to reload service files after editing:

# systemctl daemon-reload

Don't forget to change permissions to 777 on folder '/run/transmission'.

If you would use Transmission daemon with its own group, you have to give the writing permission to transmission group in your download's directory. For this you need to run:

# chgrp transmission /path/to/download
# chmod g+w /path/to/download

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