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|'''Inactive until (12/11/2008)'''
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|Spanish, English, Italian
|Spanish, English, Italian

Revision as of 17:05, 12 October 2008


Name Abhishek Dasgupta
Status Active
Arch i686, x86_64
E-Mail abhidg gmail com
AUR abhidg
Forum abhidg
IRC abhidg
Jabber abhidg gmail com
GPG Public Key
Speaks English, Bengali, Hindi


Name Allan McRae
E-Mail mcrae_allan hotmail com
Jabber allan.mcrae jabber org
AUR Allan
Forum Allan
IRC (none yet)
Arch i686, x86_64
Status Active
Speaks English


Name Anders Bergh
E-Mail anders1 gmail com
Jabber anders1 gmail com
AUR Anders
Forum Anders
IRC anders
Arch i686, x86_64, ppc
Status Active
Speaks English, Swedish


Name Angel Velasquez
Status Inactive until (12/11/2008)
Arch i686, x86_64
E-Mail angvp at archlinux.com.ve
AUR angvp
Forum angvp
IRC angvp
Speaks Spanish, English, Italian


Name Corrado Primier
Status Active
Arch i686
E-Mail ilbardo gmail com
AUR bardo
Forum bardo
IRC bardo
Jabber ilbardo gmail com
MSN thebard fastwebnet it
GPG Public Key
Speaks Italian, English


Name Andrea Scarpino
Status Active
Arch i686
E-Mail bash.lnx gmail com
Forum BaSh
IRC bash
Jabber bashlnx jabber org
GPG Public Key
Speaks Italian, English


Status: Active

Supported Architecture: i686

Contact Info: w9ya@qrparci.net


Name Daenyth Blank
E-Mail Daenyth+Arch gmail com
Jabber Daenyth gmail com
AUR Daenyth
Forum Daenyth
IRC Daenyth
Arch i686, (minimal) ppc
Status Active
Speaks English, A small amount of German


Name Jaroslav Lichtblau
Status Active
Arch i686
E-Mail tu dragonlord cz
GPG Public Key
AUR Dragonlord
Forum Dragonlord
IRC drag0nl0rd@freenode#archlinux
Jabber dragonlord jabber cz
Speaks Czech, German, English, Slovak


Real name Email Jabber MSN IRC AUR Arch
Douglas Soares de Andrade dsandrade at gmail dot com dsandrade at jabber.org douglas at tuxfamily.org dsa@freenode#archlinux dsa i686


Status Active
Arch i686
Name Email AUR Forum IRC GPG
Aaron Schaefer aaron [at] elasticdog dot com elasticdog elasticdog elasticdog@freenode#archlinux Public Key


Name Kessia Pinheiro
Status Active
Arch i686 x86_64
E-Mail kessiapinheiro gmail com
AUR even
IRC even
Jabber kessiapinheiro gmail com
Speaks Portuguese, English


Name François Charette
Chinese Name 沙唤之
E-Mail firmicus ατ gmx δοτ net
PGP Public Key
IRC i_never_used_irc_;)
Jabber firmicus04 ατ googlemail δοτ com
Forum Firmicus
AUR firmicus
Languages Français, English, Deutsch, عربي
Arch i686 x86_64


Name Geoffroy Carrier
Status Active
Arch i686 x86_64
E-Mail geoffroy.carrier@koon.fr
AUR gcarrier
Forum gcarrier
IRC gcarrier@freenode#archlinux
Jabber geoffroy.carrier@gmail.com
Speaks French, English, Spanish


Name Timm Preetz
Jabber gummibr@jabber.org
IRC gummibaerchen
Forum gummibaerchen
AUR gummibaerchen
Arch x86_64
Status Active
Speaks English, German


Name Hugo Doria
E-Mail hugodoria at gmail dot com
Jabber hugodoria at gmail dot com
IRC hdoria
AUR hdoria
Arch i686
Status Active
Speaks Portuguese, English


Name Loui Chang
E-Mail louipc.ist at gmail dot com
IRC louipc
AUR louipc
Arch i686
Status Active
Speaks English, some French


Name Mikko Seppälä
Status Active
E-Mail t-r-a-y@mbnet.fi
IRC Neverther
Forum Neverth
AUR Neverth
Arch x86_64


Name Imanol Celaya
E-Mail ilcra1989@gmail.com
AUR ornitorrincos
IRC ornitorrincos
Forum ornitorrincos
Arch i686, x86_64
Status Active
Languages Spanish, English


Name Mateusz Herych
E-Mail heniekk at gmail dot com
AUR partition
IRC Part`
Forum Partition
Arch i686, x86_64
Status Active
Languages Polish, English


Name Alexander Fehr
E-Mail pizzapunk gmail com
Jabber pizzapunk gmail com
IRC pizzapunk
Forum pizzapunk
AUR pizzapunk
Arch i686, x86_64
Status Active
Speaks German, English, Slovak


Name Ronald van Haren
E-Mail pressh at gmail dot com
IRC pressh
Forum pressh
Arch x86_64 & i686
Status Active
Languages Dutch, English, German


Name Sergej Pupykin
E-Mail sergej@aur.archlinux.org
Jabber pupykins@gmail.com
IRC sergej5
Forum sergej
AUR sergej
Arch i686

Stefan Husmann

Name Stefan Husmann
E-Mail Stefan-husmann@t-online.de
Forum [1]
AUR [2]
Arch i686


Name Jaroslaw Swierczynski
E-Mail swiergot@gmail.com
Jabber swiergot@gmail.com
IRC swiergot
Forum swiergot
AUR swiergot
Arch i686


Name Paulo Matias
Status Active
Arch i686
E-Mail matias archlinux-br org
AUR thotypous
IRC thotypous
Jabber thotypous gmail com
Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish


Name Vesa Kaihlavirta
E-Mail vpkaihla@gmail.com
IRC vegai
AUR vegai
Arch i686 (home), x86_64 (work)


Name Giovanni Scafora
E-Mail linuxmania@gmail.com
Jabber linuxmania@gmail.com
AUR voidnull
Forum voidnull
IRC voidnull
Arch i686
Status Active
Speaks Italian, English, French