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  $ /etc/openvpn/
  $ /etc/openvpn/
Don't forget to change the permission
Do not forget to change the permission
  $ sudo chmod 600 /etc/openvpn/*
  $ sudo chmod 600 /etc/openvpn/*

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TunnelBear is a VPN provider that utilizes OpenVPN protocol.

In order to use this tutorial, one must have Giant or Grizzly subscription.

Note: There is an easier method to use TunnelBear service for Gnome users.


Install openvpn from the official repository.

Download TunnelBear OpenVPN config files.

Unzip the folder, and copy all the files to

$ /etc/openvpn/

Do not forget to change the permission

$ sudo chmod 600 /etc/openvpn/*

Pick the corresponding .ovpn that will be used (TunnelBear Japan is used as an example)

Rename the extension & remove the space

$ mv /etc/openvpn/TunnelBear\ Japan.ovpn /etc/openvpn/TunnelBearJapan.conf

Edit the .conf file

keepalive 10 30
auth-user-pass login.key

Create login.key



Start & add it to systemd boot process

$ sudo systemctl start openvpn@TunnelBearJapan.service
$ sudo systemctl enable openvpn@TunnelBearJapan.service