Tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies using HTTP Connect

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To open the connection to the server running the SSH daemon we will use the HTTP CONNECT method which allows a client to connect to a server through a proxy by sending an HTTP CONNECT request to this proxy.

Tip: If your proxy does not support the HTTP Connect method, see HTTP Tunneling

Creating the tunnel

For this we will use corkscrew, available in the AUR, which is «a tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies».

Opening an SSH connection is pretty simple:

ssh user@server -o "ProxyCommand corkscrew Template:Codeline"

but that just opens a shell yet what we want is a tunnel, so we do this:

ssh -ND Template:Codeline user@server -o "ProxyCommand corkscrew Template:Codeline"

which creates a SOCKS proxy on Template:Codeline.

Using the tunnel

See Using a SOCKS proxy.

See Also

 ProxyCommand /usr/local/bin/proxytunnel -p some-proxy:8080 -d www.muppetzone.com:443