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This wiki page details installation and configuration of the twm window manager under Arch Linux.


Twm is a window manager for X11. It is a small program, being built against Xlib rather than using a widget library, and as such it is very light on system resources. Though simple, it is highly configurable; fonts, colours, border widths, titlebar buttons etc can all be set by the user.

Twm creation and name

Twm was written by Tom LaStrange, a developer who was frustrated by the limitations of uwm (Ultrix Window Manager)[[1], the only window manager around when X11 was first released. Twm supplanted uwm as the default window manager supplied with X11 from the X11R4 release in 1989[2].


Twm is part of the Arch extra repository[3]. To install twm, as root type:

pacman -S xorg-twm

TWM as default window manager

Configuration (editing your .twmrc)