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This software allows one to implement a white/black-listing mechanism for usb-devices. Inspiration for this is drawn from exploits like BadUSB. It consists of


Install usbguardAUR or usbguard-gitAUR.


The main configuration file is found in /etc/usbguard/usbguard-deamon.conf.

Start the deamon usbguard.service.


USBGuard has a core deamon, a CLI, a QT GUI, a DBUS interface and an API via libusbguard.


To configure usbguard to your needs, you can edit /etc/usbguard/rules.conf. The rules syntax is formally explained here. An example for a hp printer connected via USB can look like this: allow id 03f0:0c17 serial "00CNFD234631" name "hp LaserJet 2020" hash "a0ef07fceb6fb77698f79a44a450121m" parent-hash "69d19c1a5733a31e7e6d9530e6k434a6" with-interface { 07:01:03 07:01:02 07:01:01 }