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It seems that you only can install via FTP, please test and report

Yes, please just take this as a kind of Request page. We only managed to get it boot, but the modules are not loaded correctly (only the basic ones...)

Steps to make a bootable USB Stick with Arch Installer

  • Requirements
syslinux (from AUR)
Memory Stick (size>=256MB)
arch-base install ISO from the Archlinux download page
  • Create a FAT16 partition on your USB stick
fdisk /dev/sd[alpha]
  • Make a FAT16 filesystem
mkdosfs /dev/sd[alpha][number]
  • Mount the iso to a temporary directory
mkdir -p /mnt/archcd
mount -o loop /Path/to/iso /mnt/archcd
  • Mount the USB stick
mkdir -p /mnt/usb/
mount /dev/sd[alpha][number] /mnt/usb/
  • Copy the .iso to the USB stick
cp -ra /mnt/archcd/* /mnt/usb/
  • Copy the boot data
cd /mnt/usb/isolinux/
cp vmlinuz /mnt/usb/
cp initrd.img /mnt/usb/
cp boot.* /mnt/usb/
cp isolinux.cfg /mnt/usb/syslinux.cfg
  • Umount the USB stick
umount /mnt/usb
  • Install MBR
syslinux -s /dev/sd[alpha][number]