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A complete browser experience based on uzbl-core.


The uzbl-browser package can be found in the community repository and may be installed via pacman with the following:

# pacman -S uzbl-browser


Below are basic commands that can be used with uzbl-browser

Note: One may toggle the command bar with ' t ' on the keyboard.

Page Navigation

o         = enter url
O         = edit url
j         = scroll up
k         = scroll down
h         = scroll left
l         = scroll right
<<        = beginning
>>        = end
b         = back
m         = forward
S         = stop
r         = reload


+         = zoom_in
-         = zoom_out
T         = toggle_zoom_type
1         = sh “echo set zoom_level = 1.0 > $4″
2         = sh “echo set zoom_level = 2.0 > $4″


/*        = search %s
?*        = search_reverse %s
gg <term> = search term in google
\wiki     = search on Wikipedia

Inserting Text

i         = toggle_insert_mode   (Esc works to go back to command mode much like vim)

Bookmarks and History

B         = insert bookmark (bookmarks are saved in ~/.local/share/uzbl/bookmarks
U         = load url from history via dmenu
u         = load url from bookmarks via dmenu

Link Following

fl        =  spawn numbers next to each hyperlink. Type the number after typing fl to follow the link.

Tabs (when using uzbl-tabbed)

go        = load uri in new tab
gt        = go to next tab
gT        = go to previous tab
gn        = open new tab
gi+n      = goto 'n' tab


ZZ        = exit
Esc       = back to normal mode
ctrl+[    = back to normal mode