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[[Category:Hardware detection and troubleshooting]]
#REDIRECT: [[Udisks]]
[http://bitbucket.org/byronclark/udiskie Udiskie] is an automatic disk mounting service using {{Pkg|udisks}}. It can be used for mounting CDs, flash drives, and other media. It is simple to use and requires no configuration.
You can [[pacman|install]] Udiskie by using the {{pkg|udiskie}} package that is found in the [[Official Repositories]].
Start the Udiskie service by adding
udiskie &
to your [[xinitrc]] file, before the [[window manager]] is loaded.
Once Udiskie is running, all removable media will automatically be mounted under <code>/media</code> under a new directory that matches the device name.
== Unmounting ==
Use the <code>udiskie-umount</code> command to unmount media. For example, for a device named "MY_USB_DRIVE":
  udiskie-umount /media/MY_USB_DRIVE
Or, you can unmount all media with the command:
  udiskie-umount -a

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