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Unclutter hides your X mouse cursor when you do not need it, to prevent it from getting in the way. You have only to move the mouse to restore the mouse cursor. Unclutter is very useful in tiling window managers where you do not need the mouse often.


Unclutter is in [community]:

# pacman -S unclutter


Use your .xinitrc file or WM/DE to start unclutter, for .xinitrc add:

unclutter &

If you experience issues when using unclutter in conjunction with a tiling window manager (such as xmonad), hhp from the xmonad-utils package is a useful and lightweight alternative.

Known Bugs

Misbehaviour of the mouse cursor

Unclutter could cause unusual mouse behaviour in some SDL Games. The mouse cursor might be reset to some positions in the screen because of this problem. The details can be found here

There are two known workarounds for this. You can either add "SDL_VIDEO_X11_DGAMOUSE=0" to your environment variables or run unclutter with "-grab" option, however, it is important to note that this option may cause some applications such as gksu to not work properly.


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