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(List of PUR (unofficial user repositories) | x86-64)
(List of PUR (unofficial user repositories) | i686)
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Server = http://sistemas.unilestemg.br/douglas/downloads/arch
Server = http://sistemas.unilestemg.br/douglas/downloads/arch
Server = http://www.animeroot.com/fatsobob/Repo

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Why unofficial user repositories

Since the AUR only allows users to upload PKGBUILD and other package build related files, but does not provide a means for distributing a binary package, a user may want to create a binary repository of their packages elsewhere.

However: Be advised, if you only put your packages in your private repo and neglect AUR, your package will never make it into community repo nor a central storage space(AUR) which is bad for users, since they will have to add 'YetAnotherThird-party-Repo'(YATR) to their /etc/pacman.conf which will make it slower to update. But the main reason you should not have repo-only packages is that not having packages in a central place confuses and gives users a second job in that they now have to search for Repositories in addition to Packages.

Thus the best way to have a private repo is to offer it as a supplement to the AUR for those users who don't want to compile. You should try to avoid to offer it as a substitute.

The community repository, maintained by the TUs

Server = ftp://ftp.archlinux.org/community/os/i686/

The community repository is included in pacman's default configuration, but disabled. You can enable it by removing the # in these two lines:

Include = /etc/pacman.d/community

List of PUR (unofficial user repositories) | i686

## aqd's hacked apps, see http://aquila.deus.googlepages.com/archlinuxpackages
Server = http://aquila.deus.googlepages.com/

## The french Archlinux communities packages
Server = http://www.archlinux.fr/os/i686

Server = http://personales.ya.com/vmromanos/arch/pkgs

Server = ftp://ftp.sunsite.dk/projects/archie/packages

## by bobrik
Server = http://bobrik.hovel.ru/archlinux/blub

## gcc2, gvpe, siefs
Server = http://www-users.rwth-aachen.de/thomas.baechler/arch/brain0/os/i686

Server = http://arch.shakebox.org/pkg/

Server = http://www.cjdj.org/arch/pkg 

## Xgl and dependencies
Server = http://jjdanimoth.altervista.org/arch/i686

Server = http://darwin.info.tm/arch/i686

Server = http://dtw.jiwe.org/pkgs/dibble

Server = http://arch.linux-stats.org/pkgs

Server = http://sistemas.unilestemg.br/douglas/downloads/arch

Server = http://www.animeroot.com/fatsobob/Repo

Server = http://marcosaxo.madoka.be/files/arch

Server = http://janitux.mortals.dy.fi 

## 32-bit
Server = http://arch.os-zen.net/pkg/karsten/i686 

Server = http://gotux.altervista.org/arch/i686/

## Linux-sevenler packages.Zemberek , virtualbox and other stuff
Server = http://arch.linux-sevenler.org/pkgs 

Server = http://arch.marfis.org/binaries

## mpd/gmpc-svn, gmpc plugins, ...
Server = http://arch.nooms.de/pkg/i686

## Misc pkg's (Songbird,kiba-dock,other "goodies":D) Note:  Possible non-free contents
Server = http://www.n0yd.net/arch

## nvidia 0.9.* beta drivers
Server = http://box.decemplex.net/~thomas/nvidia-beta/

Server = http://dtw.jiwe.org/pkgs/obarchie

## More info here: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PerlCPAN_Repository
Server = http://arch.os-zen.net/perlcpan/packages

Server = http://arch.debianbox.be

## e17, ...
Server = ftp://takhis.net/arch

Server = http://people.jyu.fi/~vpkaihla/arch

Server = http://arch.lworks.cjb.net/

Server = http://wael.nasreddine.com/files/arch/repo/wael/os/i686/ 

# splitted KDE... take a look here: http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?t=23319
Server = http://kdemod.ath.cx/repo/current

Server = http://exire.dyndns.org:8081/arch/repo

List of PUR (unofficial user repositories) | x86-64

## Few good programs official arch64 repos lack. See http://stalwart.hopto.org/~stalwart/?page_id=95 for more info
Server = http://stalwart.hopto.org/~stalwart/arch64

## by zeus
## see http://archlinux.org.ru/forum/index.php/topic,39.0.html for more info
Server = http://zeus.hovel.ru/archlinux/olympus/

Add your own repository to this list

If you have your own repository, please add this to this list, so that all other users knows where to find your packages.